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The Future of Human Reproduction

The Future of Human Reproduction: An enquiry into ectogenesis ending the abortion debate

Rebecca Dracup

The technology needed for ectogenesis, the removal of foetal gestation from women’s bodies to laboratories, does not yet exist. That being said, advancements in reproductive technology are moving at a fast pace. Indirect research, through the efforts to enhance the survival of premature babies, means that complete ectogenesis is on the horizon. Ectogenesis will have far reaching legal, moral and ethical implications. In addition, it will challenge how normative ideals, such as the concepts of reproduction and family, are traditionally perceived. As a result, it is essential that discussions regarding advances in the legal regulation of reproductive technology take place before ectogenesis becomes a reality. Due to the vast discussion points, in respect of ectogenesis, the focus of this paper is to explore and challenge the assertion that ectogenesis will end the abortion debate.

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